We fabricate and install these signs

Light box with flex face – it is the most common sign used in the country. Cheap and easy to install. More often than not, the lighting system used is fluorescent.
3D letters – made from stainless steel, aluminum with powder coating, acrylic and channelume materials.
3D LED illuminated letters – the same 3D letters but with additional lighting backlit or front lit with LED lighting system.
Company/Building Name Boards and Sign Boards– different materials are used for these kind of signs.
3D neon illuminated letters – the same 3D letters but with additional lighting backlit or fronlit with neon lighting system.
3D channelume letters with acrylic face either with neon or LED illumination. Aluminum box stencil or down-cut according to the design.

Hoardings – these signs we usually see in an on-going construction covering the whole site in order for the people not to see what is going on inside it. Some contractors are placing their advertisement in the hoarding, thus, this serves as a very useful signage to them.

Construction Signs– aside from hoarding, construction sign are very important in a construction site, showing all the names of contractors, consultants and the type of building they are making.

Traffic and Way-finding/directional signs – these are street signs directing the people of the location of your business and traffic signs as required for all the roads in the country.

Warning/Caution/Emergency Signs – fire, emergency, no smoking, danger, evacuation and any other warning and emergency signs.

Totem/Tower/Monument Signs – these are either illuminated or non-illuminated, these signs we usually see in the petrol stations and car showrooms but they can also be used for another purposes.

Vehicle graphics or branding – these are signs made usually from stickers. The company’s advertisement is printed in the sticker and then pasted on the specific car allowing the vehicle as a mobile advertising.

Reception signs – signs in the reception area of the building.
Office Signs – used in identifying office name inside the buildings wherein different companies are occupying.
Room Signs/Door Signs – used to identify hotel room numbers, flat numbers and villa numbers. It also used for toilet signs, electrical room signs, mechanical room signs, telephone room signs, lift signs and others.
Restaurant Signs – restaurant names, menus, menu boards, menu stands, advertising boards, displays stands, etc.
Car Park Signs – used in car park signs like entrance signs, exit signs, minimum height limits etc.
Hotel Signs – include all the signs you see in the hotels, like reception desk signs, information signs, room signs, lobby signs, lift signs, manager room, office room, security rooms etc.
Way Finding/Directional Signs – these are signs telling where to go or where the location of a specific place in a building is.
Display Stands – for store displays, TV stands, brochure stands, product stands and all kinds of stand showcasing the products and services of the company.
Exhibition Stands – used in the exhibitions like tables, backdrops, walls, display stands, and all others.
Warning/Caution Signs – no smoking sign, fire emergency exit plans, evacuation signs, fire hose reels, water tanks, fire extinguisher signs, don’t panic signs.
Large Format Digital Printing – we can do high resolution printing on all medias like:

○ Flex
○ Indoor/outdoor sticker
○ See-through or one way vision sticker
○ Duratrans films
○ Banner
○ Roll ups
○ Pop-ups
○ Back drops
○ Flags
○ PVC forex
○ Matt lamination.

Acrylic Works – we can do different kinds of acrylic based on the design. Whatever project that needs acrylic we can do it. It includes acrylic displays, acrylic stands, brochure stands, magazine stand, reception sign, product stands, cabinets, walls, flooring, acrylic sign, and others. Our production staffers are well-trained to do this kind of job with the help of the machines available in our workshop.

All Kinds of Signage, 3D Signs, Display & Exhibition Stands, Event Backdrop, Hoarding & Fencing, Designing, Acrylic Works, 3D Mockups, Vehicle Branding, Light Box, Flex Face, Digital Printing, Pop-up, Roll-up, and Repairs of Existing Signs.